Through LifeCare Australia, Aidan has been involved as a study physiotherapist for several large research trials including:

 - STOPS (Specific Treatment Of Problems of the Spine): A collection of 5, Randomised Controlled trials looking at specific treatment for subgroups of sub acute and chronic low back pain (greater than 6 weeks) . Lead researchers in this study include Jon Ford, Luke Surkitt, Alexander Chan, Sarah Slater, Andrew Hahne and Matthew Richardson.

Published articles from this study include: 

 =   The effectiveness of physiotherapy functional restoration for post-acute low back pain: a systematic review.

 =  The effectiveness of sub-group specific manual therapy for low back pain: a systematic review.

 = Efficacy of directional preference management for low back pain: a systematic review.

 =  Specific treatment of problems of the spine (STOPS): design of a randomised controlled trial comparing specific physiotherapy versus advice for people with subacute low back disorders.

 = Outcomes and adverse events from physiotherapy functional restoration for lumbar disc herniation with associated radiculopathy.

 = Pathoanatomy and classification of low back disorders.


- Pilot study on treatment for multi directional instability (MDI) of the shoulder. The researchers in this trial include Lyn Watson, Simon Balster and Sarah Warby