Aidan is one of the few physiotherapists in Victoria with the title of 'APA Sports Physiotherapist' who also has extensive experience in working with in Occupational rehabilitation.  Aidan formerly held the qualification of 'TAC and Worksafe Approved Occupational Physiotherapist'. (The program was discontinued in 2014)

Treatment is provided with a Sports Medicine, rehabilitation based approach, with returning to, or staying at work being a high priority. Other goals such as recreational and social are of course addressed.

Worksite Assessements

Worksite Assessments can be performed for several reasons, including:

 - Job task analysis

 - Risk Assessment

 - As part of return to work planning

Functional Capacity evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations (or Pre-employment assessments) are an increasingly popular choice for employers looking to assess a candidate's suitability for work.  We currently have contracts with several large organisations in Melbourne to perform Functional Capacity Evaluations. The assessments provide a snapshot of the potential employee's current and past musculoskeletal and health history, as well as their current physical level of function.

Testing of functional tasks related to the job (lifting, pushing, pulling, gripping, squatting etc) as well as spirometry testing are available.