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Articles for 'The Turbine'

Rhinomed and the Turbine - Part One

Rhinomed and the Turbine - Part Two

Tendon articles

Hamstring tendinopathy treatment

Why tendons don't need (lots of) rest

Gluteal tendinopathy management

Tendinopathy vs Tendinitis vs Tendinosis - what's the difference?

Shockwave therapy for tendons

Treatment of tennis elbow

Isometric exercises for tendon rehabilitation

Tendons don't need stretching

The great PRP scandal?

FAI and hip joint articles

FAI part 2: Does FAI cause premature osteoarthritis of the hip?

FAI part 1: What is FAI and what causes it?

I have a labral tear in my hip, do I need surgery?

Hamstring articles

Hamstring injury prevention

Hamstring injury rehabilitation

Michael Clarke's hamstring injury

Back Pain articles

Physio and rehab are better than scans and medications for most types of back pain

Pars stress fractures of the lumbar spine

Knee Injury Articles

Sihvonen paper on conservative or surgical management of meniscal injuries

Conservative vs surgical management for ACL rupture - Frobell paper

Triathlon and running race reports

Ironman Maastricht 2015 race report

Ironman Western Australia 2013 race report

Other articles

Dry needling - how does it work? And does it help?

Notes from ultra-endurance sports nutrition symposium

Evidence based management of ankle sprains

Teaching at Beijing Sports University


Newspaper/Media articles

'The Australian' newspaper - article on injury prevention for 'weekend warriors': link

'Mx' story on injury prevention - link to follow

NCAH article on 'prehabilitation' - or injury prevention: link