Rhinomed and The Turbine - Part Two - more research and still no results!

My previous blog post on The Turbine attracted a lot of attention - more than I had anticipated!  I've been asked why a wrote this piece. Simply - I don't like bad science - particularly when those pushing the results KNOW it is bad science. 

Science is about the search for the truth, and transparency.  That isn't what we are seeing here. I understand there is a marketing angle and a commercial reality to have a product that sells, but surely it's better to find one that actually works?

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The great PRP scandal?

PRP – or Platelet Rich Plasma – has become a very popular intervention for tendon and joint injuries over the last five years.  It is particularly popular in Melbourne.  In fact there have been some Sports Medicine clinics open recently advertising this as one of their main intervention options!

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Updated clinic details

After a great 7 years at Lifecare Croydon, it's time to move on...

From Tuesday, 16 December, I will be starting at the Advance Healthcare clinic in Boronia. Our clinic has some great staff, and we will have a focus on both clinical and research excellence. I'll be at Boronia Tuesday and Thursday

I will remain at the LifeCare Ashburton clinic on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Contact details for the clinic:

Lifecare Ashburton, 330 High st. Ashburton 3147. Ph: 9885891

Advance Healthcare Boronia, 1/157 Scoresby rd. Boronia. Ph: 98393322

Shockwave therapy for tendons - an expensive placebo or a valid adjunct to treatment?

Today we look at one of the treatment options for tendinopathy (not tendonitis!) – Shockwave Therapy (also known as ECSWT = Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy).

Shockwave Therapy is a machine that fires an ‘acoustic pulse’ – basically a dense sound wave – into the tendon, with the idea of reducing pain an perhaps stimulating some sort of ‘healing response’ in the abnormal tendon.

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